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Roof Repair & Installation: Mighty Fine Roofing

Mighty Fine Roofing-  We are a Florida Roofing Contractor. We offer fast Roof Repair and high quality Roof Replacements for commercial and residential applications. We specialize in using shingle, metal and tile for residential as well as TPO for commercial roof applications. Make sure to follow our Instagram page for pics of new Roofing Projects


Here at Mighty Fine Roofing, our mission is to provide our customers with top-quality roofing services, exceptional customer service, and the highest level of professionalism. We are committed to delivering innovative roofing solutions that meet our customers’ needs, while maintaining the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and craftsmanship.


Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers, based on trust, reliability, and integrity. We strive to be the roofing company of choice in South Florida, by consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations and delivering exceptional value and Mighty Fine Roofs

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Residential Roofing

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Types of
Roofing In South Florida

Commercial Roofing in South Florida

Metal Roofs:

  • Durability: Metal roofing is highly durable, capable of withstanding South Florida’s extreme weather conditions, including hurricanes and heavy rain.
  • Longevity: Metal roofs have a long lifespan, providing commercial properties with lasting protection and value.
  • Energy Efficiency: Metal roofing reflects solar heat, reducing cooling costs and improving energy efficiency for businesses.

TPO Roofs:

  • Weather Resistance: TPO roofing offers excellent resistance to UV radiation, heat, and moisture, making it ideal for South Florida’s tropical climate.
  • Seam Strength: TPO roofs feature heat-welded seams, providing superior strength and preventing leaks in commercial buildings.
  • Energy Savings: TPO roofing’s reflective properties help reduce energy consumption and lower cooling costs for businesses.

Modified Bitumen Roofs:

  • Waterproofing: Modified bitumen roofing offers exceptional waterproofing capabilities, protecting commercial properties from water damage and leaks.
  • Flexibility: Modified bitumen roofs are flexible and adapt well to temperature changes, ensuring reliable performance in South Florida’s fluctuating climate.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Modified bitumen roofs are easy to maintain, requiring minimal upkeep and reducing maintenance costs for businesses.
Commercial Roofing Naples, Marco Island and Fort Myers

Residential Roofing in South Florida

Shingle Roofs:

  • Versatility: Shingle roofs are versatile, available in various styles, colors, and materials to suit different architectural designs.
  • Affordability: Shingle roofing is often the most cost-effective option for residential properties, offering a balance between price and performance.
  • Ease of Installation: Shingle roofs are relatively easy to install, making them a popular choice for homeowners seeking quick roof replacements or repairs.

Metal Roofing:

  • Durability: Metal roofing is highly durable and can withstand South Florida’s harsh weather conditions, including hurricanes and heavy rainfall.
  • Longevity: Metal roofs have a longer lifespan compared to other roofing materials, providing long-term value and cost savings.
  • Energy Efficiency: Metal roofing reflects solar heat, reducing cooling costs and improving energy efficiency for homeowners.

Tile Roofs:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Tile roofs offer timeless beauty and come in various styles, including clay and concrete, enhancing the curb appeal of homes.
  • Durability: Tile roofing is durable and resistant to fire, wind, and moisture, making it suitable for South Florida’s climate.
  • Longevity: With proper maintenance, tile roofs can last for several decades, providing homeowners with a long-lasting roofing solution.
Tile Roofing

Roof Inspections in South Florida

Top 5 Reasons to Conduct Roof Inspections

  • Storm Preparedness: With South Florida’s hurricane season, regular inspections ensure roofs are resilient against high winds and heavy rains.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Inspections help detect minor issues before they escalate, preventing costly repairs or replacements.
  • Insurance Requirements: Many insurance policies mandate regular roof inspections to maintain coverage and ensure claims are processed smoothly.
  • Energy Efficiency: Well-maintained roofs improve energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs for South Florida properties.
  • Property Value: Regular inspections enhance property value by ensuring roofs are in optimal condition, appealing to potential buyers or tenants.
Shingle Roof Inspections

Metal Roofing in South Florida

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing

  • Durability: Metal roofing withstands South Florida’s harsh weather, including hurricanes, heavy rains, and high winds.
  • Longevity: Metal roofs have a long lifespan, providing lasting protection and value for properties in the region.
  • Energy Efficiency: Reflective metal roofing reduces heat absorption, improving energy efficiency and lowering cooling costs.
  • Low Maintenance: Metal roofs require minimal upkeep, saving time and money on repairs and maintenance.
Metal Roofing Naples

Shingle Roofing in South Florida

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Shingle Roofing

  • Affordability: Shingle roofing is cost-effective, making it an economical choice for homeowners in South Florida.
  • Versatility: Shingle roofs come in various styles and colors, allowing homeowners to customize their roofs to match their preferences.
  • Ease of Installation: Shingle roofs are relatively easy to install, reducing labor costs and installation time.
  • Warranty Options: Many shingle manufacturers offer warranties, providing peace of mind and protection against defects.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Shingle roofing enhances curb appeal, adding charm and character to homes in South Florida.
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Your South Florida Roofing Company Serving the Fort Myers, Naples, and Marco Island on the South West Coast and we also serve Miami Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach on the East Coast.

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Mighty Fine Roofing: Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

Quality Craftsmanship

  • Experienced Professionals: Our team consists of skilled and experienced roofing specialists dedicated to delivering top-notch craftsmanship.
  • Precision Installation: We ensure precise installation techniques, guaranteeing durable and long-lasting roofs for our clients.

Exceptional Service

  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to exceed expectations with every project.
  • Clear Communication: We prioritize clear and transparent communication throughout the roofing process, ensuring clients are informed every step of the way.


  • Timely Completion: We adhere to project timelines, ensuring timely completion and minimal disruptions for our clients.
  • Dependable Solutions: Our commitment to reliability means clients can trust us to deliver dependable roofing solutions that meet their needs.


  • Cutting-Edge Solutions: We stay updated with the latest advancements in roofing technology, providing clients with innovative and sustainable roofing options.
  • Future-Ready: Our forward-thinking approach ensures that our roofing solutions anticipate future needs and industry trends.

why choose us

the best quality and the best services

Here at Mighty Fine Roofing, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality roofing services in Southwest Florida. When you work with us, you can expect exceptional customer service, expert craftsmanship, and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Our team of skilled professionals has extensive experience in all aspects of roofing, and we use only the best materials and tools.


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MightyFineRoofing Honesty

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to Excellence

Quality Craftsmanship

  • Skilled and Experienced Professionals
  • Precision Installation Techniques

Exceptional Service

  • Priority on Customer Satisfaction
  • Clear and Transparent Communication


  • Timely Project Completion
  • Dependable Solutions


  • Cutting-Edge Roofing Solutions
  • Future-Ready Approaches

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asked questions

Which payment methods do you accept?

Mighty Fine Roofing accepts all types of payments including Credit and Debit cards, Checks, ACH payments as well as cash

Does Mighty Fine Roofing hold a state or local license?

Yes, we have a state license that allows us to legally work anywhere in the great state of Florida

Can I also network with you via social media?

Yes, Mighty Fine Roofing has a presence on Facebook, Instagram and X

Does Mighty Fine Roofing work directly with insurance companies?

Yes! First a customer has to call to file a claim but once an adjuster is assigned we can communicate directly with your insurance company.

What cities does Mighty Fine Roofing work in?

We primarily work in South Florida both east and west coast including Fort Myers, Naples, Marco Island, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm beach